Project Management Tool -ClickUp

What if you had one project management tool that the whole organization could use…for free?

And what if the tool were one of the most highly rated project management software toolsfor free?

Pretty good deal, right?

What you get in the free version of ClickUp:

Most companies demand premium prices for (project management tool) what ClickUp delivers for free. Enjoy access for unlimited users, tasks, multiple projects, and all of the product features in the forever free plan. There are no limits to which task management options or features you can use!

Custom Fields: Set up project management the way you want it. Add more columns for contact info, notes, budgets and more. So simple to use!

Customized Views: Each team member or user can include how they want to work. It’s that simple. See a list, box, Gantt chart, board, or calendar and find a setting that matches you or your team and quickly find the task you’re working on. 

Priorities: Unsure which tasks are most imperative in order for your team to finish up the job? Set up custom priority levels and collaborate on various tasks based precisely upon how vital each task is to the project!

Goals: Set goals for your whole team to use! Track tasks, set numerical progress, or a simple yes/no for completion.

Drag and Drop: This is one of the key features, especially if you have multiple teams using spaces and projects in ClickUp. You can drag, drop, move, and re-assign tasks to people, clients or teams in just a few steps. There are no annoying menus. You move the tasks to where they need to go and in any view.

Assign Comments: Have a great idea that your team is commenting on? Assign that comment right away as a subtask, and set up specific dates and times to follow up. Or convert it to a task.

50+ Unlimited Features: In this list, you’ll see lots of solutions that cap you with their functionality. ClickUp limits your amount of storage on the free plan but never limits what you can actually do using the tool. That way as you grow, ClickUp grows with you. Activate the features you want, and leave the rest. ClickUp makes your life simpler, not more complicated.

ClickUp is conscious of how work actually gets done, which sparked our motivation to obsessively create features to enhance productivity.

And because ClickUp interacts with so many essential collaboration tools, your team will hum along as it’s always done–just faster and more efficiently on multiple projects. Everyone from individual users to project managers will enjoy using ClickUp.

There’s a forever free plan available to your team, along with an upgrade to unlimited storage for just a few dollars more a month.  Feel free to try out the free version with all the features, and upgrade to unlimited storage at any time!

ClickUp is also a great option for agile project management and agile development–meaning all of your team members can use it!

Ready to try ClickUp? Start here.