Resource management

Why is resource management important? Perhaps this is a question you’ve often asked yourself. Luckily, it’s not as elusive as the jargon makes it out to be. It’s actually quite simple. 


  • it provides you with an overview of everyone and everything involved in your project;
  • It enables utilization planning;
  • It makes the planning and management process more transparent;
  • It helps you see problems before they start.
  • It gives you control over your project.

Still confused? Well don’t worry. This article will teach you everything there is to know about this concept. We will explain the importance of resource management and give you some of its benefits. But first things first. Let’s start with a simple definition of resource management.


Resource management is the process of planning, scheduling, and allocating resources in the best possible way. The ultimate aim is to maximize your resources’ efficiency. This in turn will help the success of your project, task, or monthly goals.

Resources can be anything from people to machinery. They are whatever you need to complete your project or task. For a construction company, a resource can include a special piece of equipment or tools. A software company would need computers and developers. And an event manager might need caterers and a venue. Because resources exist in every field, so does the need for resource management. 

Architects planning their resources and success


There are different types, There’s schedulingplanning, and management itself. The biggest difference between the three is the depth of planning.

For a more detailed overview of each type, check out our article on resource planning tools and types of resource planning. While, maximizing efficiency is the official credo of resource management, maybe you have a different goal in mind. Perhaps you’re seeking an overview of your resource allocation. Or say you want more transparency in the planning process. Maybe you’re looking to forecast resource availability 5 months down the line. Or you simply need a better way to track your project’s progress. Resource management can help you with all these goals.